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Eaton Switchgear

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X-Start contactors
[6 items]
X-Start overloads
[47 items]
X-Start contactors accessories and wiring kits
[41 items]
E-LINE compact contactors
[36 items]
E-LINE overloads and accessories
[30 items]
Mini Relays
[3 items]
Electronic timing modules
[5 items]
DOL starters & Star delta starters
[26 items]
Standard and Miniature timing relays
[7 items]
RMQ Titan 22mm control devices and accessories
[88 items]
Measuring & monitoring relays and thermistor overload relays
[8 items]
PKZM0 motor protective circuit breakers
[9 items]
PKZM01 motor protective circuit breakers
[5 items]
Motor protective circuit breaker accessories
[1 item]
Motor protective circuit breaker enclosures
[5 items]
PLS Miniature circuit breakers, switch disconnectors and accessories
[44 items]
Installation contactors
[9 items]
Residual current devices and combination units
[7 items]
NZM Moulded case circuit breakers and accessories
[3 items]
Cam switches
[9 items]
Easy control relays
[6 items]