Industrial Flexible Conduits

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Eureka corrugated conduit and fittings
[16 items]
Harnessflex Nylon conduit, fittings and accessories
[48 items]
Corrugated nylon & flexilok fittings
[38 items]
Galvanised steel PVC coated liquid tight
[5 items]
Smooth spiral reinforced
[9 items]
Galvanised steel PVC
[14 items]
Galvanised steel braided
[11 items]
Galvanised steel Zinc
[14 items]
Stainless steel 316
[12 items]
EXD flame proof glands
[7 items]
EXE Safety and dust ignition proof glands
[1 item]
Flexicon installation accessories
[26 items]
Flexicon Contractor installation packs
[5 items]