LS Switchgear

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MC Metasol contactors
[129 items]
MT Metasol overloads
[53 items]
GMP Metasol electronic overloads
[4 items]
GMC Mini contactors & overloads
[12 items]
Metasol contactors accessories
[35 items]
Metasol contactor relays
[23 items]
Reactors, functional plates, capacitors and step controllers
[16 items]
MMS LS motor protection circuit breakers & accessories
[40 items]
BKN LS miniature circuit breakers & accessories
[19 items]
LS RCD, RCBO & Din isolators
[52 items]
Eureka 6 and 10kA MCB chassis
[177 items]
Susol moulded case circuit breakers
[76 items]
Susol moulded case circuit breaker accessories
[80 items]
Susol MCCB RCD protection units
[3 items]
Susol Moulded case circuit breaker chassis
[20 items]
Susol Air circuit breakers & accessories
[3 items]